Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Want to write?

Okay, so here's the truth.  I am not a professionally trained writer.  Yep, I do not have a degree in English.  So how in the world can someone without a degree in English write a book?  Easy, I just do it.  I know, who do I think I am?  A mom with no credentials.  Well guess what?  You don't need a degree to write.  Please, for the sake of all who read it, know basic grammar, but other than that?  Jump off that cliff and start flying.  Seriously, flap your wings and start having fun.  Rule #1:  Have a story.  Rule #2:  Sit down at your computer and tell it.  Sound too simple?  Maybe, but it's the truth.  I will say this.  I love the book by Stephen King, On Writing.  Love it.  Don't worry, he won't scare you.  There will be no clowns, no kids coming back to life and no demonic children ghosts following you around creepy hallways.  No, it's just a simple book on how to write and how to do a good job of it.  Best book on writing I've ever read.  Read that and then get to work.  But most of all, and this is seriously the most important thing to remember about writing.  Have fun.  If it's work, what's the point?  If you think you should write about some serious subject because your boss or your grandma is going to read it, forget it.  It'll be horrible.  Sorry, just saving you paper and ink.  If you love reading Sci Fi, write a Sci Fi book.  If you love reading romances, then for heaven's sake write a romance and this way you control how it ends and who she ends up with.  Write for yourself and have fun doing it.  If you enjoy it, your readers will enjoy it and that my wonderful friends, is what it's all about.

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