Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have to apologize - seriously

Ok, I have to apologize, but this is hilarious.  I had so many people view my blog yesterday, and so I was sitting there, scratching my head, and then it dawned on me.  Oh my word.  The shirtless guy on the horse!  Everyone was probably wondering if I'd taken a trip to the dark side. Would I throw away my LDS Author credentials for a life of gorgeous half naked men and half dressed ladies of ill repute?  So tempting, but nah.  Still G rated, thank you very much. But yes, I'm still giggling.  However, it does bring to mind: Sex sells.  Sex sells video games, music, movies and yes books.  I think the top book right now on Amazon (and I'm not printing the title because I'm not going to advertise it!), is pretty trashy.  I think the #1 book right now would make my shirtless horse rider from yesterday blush and run to put his shirt back on.  But why is the question.  Harry Potter, in my mind, is the most successful book series in the world/universe/existence etc. etc. besides the Bible of course.  Side note: The Bible has way more sex than the Harry Potter books.  Snogging Ron included.  But getting back to my point, Harry was so successful and he was PG rated.  Okay, okay, the movies were PG-13 but that was because of some seriously scary magic.  Let's get something like that back on top at my dear Amazon store.  Let's get good writing and fascinating plots back on top where they belong and get rid of the garbage.  Anyone disagree? 

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