Friday, April 13, 2012

My new blog

Hey everyone!
Well, I switched over to a blog and got rid of my old icky website.  This will be more fun.  Sorry if you've tried to get in touch with me and hit a wall.  It's been a year of transitions to say the least.  But I'm on my best behavior now and promise to update you on my newest books and projects.  Right now I've just signed a contract for the last book in my Alpine series.  It's going to be called Do Over.  I'm sure you've read Makeover, Taking Chances and The Broken Road.  If not, you've got some catching up to do.  If you've been banging your head waiting for Trey's book, then relax.  Do Over is Trey's story and he meets his match in Iris Levine.  This girl is wild, which is exactly what Trey needs in his life.  This book is laid back, in your face, hilarious and touching.  I'll give you more details on a publication date when I get it.  In the meantime, go back and read some of my books that you might not have read  yet.  Soul Searching, A Trusting Heart or Forever Friends. 


Zach Hill said...

Are you the kind of writer that plots and plans everything through or are you the kind that makes it up as you go? And do you have any traditions or "ceremonies" when you write? (Like a box of chocolate covered raisins or something?)

Shannon said...

Zach, what a thoughtful question. You sound like a writer yourself. But to answer your question, no. I'm not the kind of writer who plots anything out. I do find a piece of paper, write down the character's names and basic descriptions. After that . . . it's a wild ride. Who wants road blocks, caution signs and annoying road construction when you're tearing down the road and your fingers are flying a 100 miles an hour? Not me. And as far as traditions, the only one I have is: quiet. Have to have to write. Give me that and I'll give you a story. But the chocolate covered raisins are a good idea. Maybe BBQ chips and a Dr. Pepper?

cavaliercougar said...

Use REGULAR raisins,and try Dr.Pepper 10-less asperteme-that stuff is dangerous-poison,even. Young Zach is a darn fine writer.I particularly enjoyed his Behind the Shroud and UPRISING ITALIA.Both should be films.I like quite background music when I write.