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     For 5 days,(9/22/14 - 9/26/14) I'm offering I Belong With You book 2 in the Love and Dessert Trilogy for FREE on Kindle! Here's the link. If you enjoyed it, let your friends know. I'm working on my newest trilogy, Love and Weddings. I'll keep you posted on updates and sneak peeks.

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Character Blog Hop!

Character Blog Hop

Thanks to my cute friend and amazing author, Karey White, who tagged me in this character blog hop!

For the character blog hop, readers get to jump around to discover characters we have recently written about or are currently writing about. You can find Karey's character post here.

First, a little about Karey:

I am the oldest of eleven children, born to parents who were either saints or crazy, maybe both. They thought we were all capable of being professional athletes or broadway stars. They weren't right, of course, but they did help us have self-confidence.

I have the greatest family. A patient husband who makes me laugh and four clever, good-looking children--two boys and two girls. I adore them all.
Through the years I've been a student, a teacher, a secretary, a clothing designer and seamstress, a wedding cake maker, a crafter, a scrapbooker, a cook, a homework helper (until they pass me in math, somewhere around the third grade), and a fan at my children's sporting events. Before I die, I'd either like to be a great housekeeper or have the money to hire a maid.

I've been writing since Jr. High, when I was hired by a county newspaper to do a Happenings column about our little town of about 300 people. I got paid by the word so every week I called every family in town and got their news. It wasn't high-brow journalism but the column earned me a little spending money.
On our way to Aspen, CO, my sister, my two oldest kids and I were hit head-on by a drunk driver in a stolen car. Although we suffered serious injuries, we all survived.

Candy isn't worth eating unless it's chocolate. (See's are the best.)
When I was a child, my family bought and renovated an old school-house. It was a wonderful place to live in spite of the bats that flew over our heads at night.

I've been told that my naturally curly hair doesn't get longer, it gets bigger.
I've always liked game shows. Everything from Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to the reality-style game shows like Amazing Race, Survivor, and Top Chef.

Nothing makes me happier than being with family and friends eating good food, sharing good conversation and a few laughs. That might be why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Now to share my character with you:
What is the name of your character? 
I chose Cleo. She's the main character in A Passion for Cleo, Book 3 in the Love and Flowers Trilogy.

When and where is the story set?
The series takes place in Fircrest, Washington and this is a contemporary Romance.

What should we know about your character?
Cleo has a heart of gold. She's the first one in line to help those she loves. She's fiercely protective and kind, but a little bit sassy too. She fell for the wrong guy once, so she's a little gun shy about Tai Matafeo. 

What is the main conflict?
My Love and Flowers Trilogy centers around the fact that someone wants to kill Rayne and Ivy Nyman. Cleo was hired on as their body guard, but because of her injuries in a car accident, has to step aside for Tai Matafeo and Sharon, a police officer to take over.  Falling in love was not part of the job description.

What is your character's personal goal?
I think Cleo's personal goal is to find her home and her heart - her place in the world.  She's an adventurous girl who isn't afraid to see the world but she had to decide whether or not to go back to San Diego or stay in Fircrest with her new friends.  And since she's never been in love before, she's a little unsure of her feelings for Tai. Is she just grateful to him for everything he's done for her?  Or do her feelings fun deeper?

Is there a working title, and where can we find out more about it?
A Passion for Cleo just came out on Kindle and it's available in paperback too. You can find it for purchase here.

And now I'm tagging the one and only Kim Krey.

Writing Romance That's Clean Without Losing the Steam! Author of the Sweet Montana Bride Series. I'm a reader of good, clean romance, a lover of family time and Diet Coke, and the ultimate hater of laundry.  You can find out more here.

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Check out what people are saying!

Two new Reviews for A Passion for Cleo

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Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
5+ Stars!!! I am in heaven!!! I absolutely LOVED A Passion For Cleo!!! And I hate to admit it but this one is now my new favorite book in the Love and Flowers Trilogy!! Gotta love those strong finishes to an AWESOME series!!

Our amazing heroine, Cleo, is a fun loving, adventurer who will do everything she can to help her family and friends anytime they need it. She is such an easy going person who is confident and full of life!

Cleo's life gets thrown off balance when she is shot and later gets in a horrific car crash that leaves her wheelchair bound and later stuck on crutches. She can no longer protect Rayne and Ivy and starts to have doubts about her life and about love.

Enter Tai. *sigh* I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE him!! Tai is hired to help protect the girls and in the process he's able to get to know Cleo on a more personal level. He's sweet, funny, loyal, gorgeous and just AMAZING!! And the best part?!?! He actually SEES Cleo for who she is on the inside and doesn't care that she's battered, bruised, in a wheelchair, on crutches... he sees her and KNOWS that she is beautiful!! His only problem is convincing her that the way he feels is REAL!!

You see our dear, sweet Asher has put those doubts about love in Cleo's head. He tells her she only has a hero worship for Tai and that he only sees her as a victim... someone who needs to be saved. I swear I wanted to slap him the first half of the book! Enter Meredith... yes... I said Meredith... who helps Cleo to help Asher see that he needs to GROW UP and STOP being such a spoiled little brat who thinks he's entitled to everything being handed to him on a golden platter!! And believe it or not folks... Asher indeed starts to grow up a little. Granted he still has a ways to go BUT he's started the process!! Wahoo!!

And I just have to mention Pule!! Oh my goodness!! I love him!! There is definitely more to his story and I am crossing my fingers and hoping he'll get his HEA!! There is a part in the book between him and Cleo that brought tears to my eyes... *sigh* He's just another lost soul who needs some lovin!!

Anyway... back to Cleo and Tai! *sigh* I totally LOVE these two! The first I Love You's were perfect! And meeting the Matafeo's?! Cleo really showed that she will do ANYTHING for the people that she loves!! She was a real trooper!! AND she got a cupcake named after her!! How awesome is that?!?! Lol. You are just going to have to read the story to find out WHY!! It's HILARIOUS... I promise!! ;)

And then the craziness comes!! Oh my heck!! The way the whole story with Rayne and Ivy was wrapped up was fabulous!! There was a bit of suspense that I was NOT expecting! I kept changing positions while reading and just couldn't sit still! I had a feeling about who was behind everything but was still surprised in the end.

A Passion for Cleo was just FANTABULOUS!! I LOVED every minute of it!! I laughed out loud, I got teary eyed, I got angry and of course I fell in love all over again with ALL of our Fircrest friends!!

Shannon you have an AMAZING talent and I am SO glad that you are willing to share it with all of us!! I can't WAIT to see what you have in store for the next series!! And yes... I am one of those crazy fans who lives for the next book! What can I say! I love what I love! ;)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Another awesome book from Shannon! September 2, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Once again Shannon has delivered another amazing book filled with strong characters, action, heartfelt romance, and a writing style that makes you not want to put it down till you flat out run out of pages.
As the final book in this trilogy, you finally get Cleo's story, as well as a resolution to the overall plot for all three "Love and Flowers" books.
You will also get to spend time with a few more of the side characters from the other books, and while this trilogy wraps up well, you can't wait to see where she will go with the next set.
If you have been following the exploits in Fircrest, you will not be disappointed with this one either.
Block out some time, and get comfortable, You are not going to want to put it down once you start.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Want the newest update on A Passion for Cleo?

A Passion for Cleo is LIVE on Kindle! The wait is over! Here's the link.

And I already have 2 reviews! See what people are saying:

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5.0 out of 5 stars What a great story and adventure August 30, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Just finished this latest outstanding work by Shannon Guymon! What a great story and adventure. I am not into spoiler reviews, so here is my best shot. I have loved Cleo throughout this series, she is a devoted and loving friend. I like a female character who is strong and motivated by goodness. Cleo is all of these. She so deserved her own happily ever after. I love Tai he is a straight forward no nonsense kind of guy. Like the others in the Matafeo family Tai lives life to the fullest with all the love he has. It is a great book with everything we have come to expect from a Shannon Guymon novel. Love and friendship and family. But this has an added element of suspense I wasn't expecting. Loved this book from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down. Way to go Shannon, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.
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5.0 out of 5 stars another home run September 1, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Such a good one! Kept me happy on a day I can't walk much. Wanted to punch Asher, was so glad that he didn't become an issue! :)
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