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Cover reveal for Love & Second Chances!

Okay, so you probably know that Love & Second Chances, 
Book 2 in my Belfast Series is up for pre-order. And if you don't know yet ... well, you do now ;)
If you missed it - you can pre-order here

My friends, meet Charlie Walsh - the cutest little B&B owner in Maine.  What do you think of my newest cover?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Sneak Peek at Book 2 in the Belfast Series! Love & Second Chances

    So, my friends, I promised you book #2 in the Belfast Series in the Fall - and Fall is definitely here. Seriously here - like it's snowed already and I'm not cool with that kind of Fall. So here is the first chapter of my latest - would love to know what you think! Cover reveal to come soon (I promise) Oh - almost forgot . . . Book will be released November 11, 2019! 

Love & Second Chances

Chapter 1 - The Client

Riley walked over to their new job and shoved her wool beanie on over her wet
and icy hair. Why no one had bothered to warn her that Maine winters were literally
the worst, she didn’t know, but she was holding everyone in Belfast Maine responsible
for her frozen fingers and toes. She sighed and ran up the steps and opened the large
wooden door into the old Victorian monstrosity that she and Jack had been hired to
overhaul. She smiled, or at least, she would have smiled if her face could move. Her step
dad had a few space heaters going in the large open work space, and that meant she
might be able to take off one of her three coats.  “Jack!” she yelled, making the tall man
with a tile saw turn around. She waved her phone at him and he cut the power and stood
up, walking toward her.  “He’s coming in tomorrow,” she said, with a shake of her head. 
Jack groaned and put his hands on his hips. “We need at least another two or three weeks,
Riley.” Riley nodded her head and handed Jack the hot chocolate she’d brought him. “If not
four. Dang Charlie Walsh and his schedule. Doesn’t he know we’re in the middle of a
Maine winter here? Greer left yesterday at noon because he said he was too cold to work.”
Jack took a sip and smiled in gratitude at the warmth as he walked over to the window seat
and sat down. She walked over to join him and showed him the text she’d just gotten that
had sent her out into 2 degree weather. She was really starting to hate the fluffy white stuff
people called snow.  Jack read the text and sighed, running a hand over his silvering,
wavy hair. “He’s really planning on living here while we finish up everything? Is the man
insane? I mean, yeah, it’s possible, but there’s going to be so much sawdust in the air,
and workers hanging around, he’s going to be miserable.”
Riley groaned and sat down next to Jack. “I guess the master is halfway livable. The
shower is done but the tile around the tub hasn’t even been grouted. The kitchen though . . .”
Jack nodded and groaned along with her. “You know, I’m grateful we have the work and
that Charlie is willing to pay us well, but his deadlines are about to give me an ulcer, and
now he’s going to be under our feet while we finish everything up. He’s gotta give us a few
more weeks.” Riley leaned her head back against the window and frowned darkly. “Well,
by the time we finish up this job, we can rest up until spring when we start the Davies job.
Charlie is paying us well, and even though he’s pushy, he has been very polite. Firm, but
polite.” Jack shrugged and glared at his boots. “I slipped all over the road trying to get here
this morning. I about died, Riley. That’s not worth any job.”
Riley’s eyes went wide. “We’re not in Arizona anymore, are we?” she asked, feeling a little
sad about it.Jack nodded his head. “Ice storms, Riley. Enough said.”
Riley laughed and groaned at the same time. “I feel like we’re fish out of water in this white
death they call winter.” Jack laughed. “Because you are. I tell you what, if we survive this
winter, we should get a medal or something.”
Riley grinned. “As mayor of Belfast, I feel like it would be lame to pack up and move back
out west, but man oh man, why didn’t even one person take the time to let me know what
I was signing up for?”
Jack laughed and put his knit hat back on. “That’s an easy one, because one, we wouldn’t
have believed them, and two, if we had believed them, we would have said adios and been
on our way.” Riley took the hot chocolate Jack offered her and took a sip. “How long does
winter even last here? Honestly, it’s only mid January and I feel like it’s been a year.”
Jack snorted. “I was down at the store yesterday with your mom, and everyone was talking
about what a mild winter it’s been. Cammie’s mouth dropped open so wide, you could fit a
whole lobster roll in there.”
Riley’s eyes bugged out at that insane statement. Having everything and everybody she
knew and loved, covered in layers and layers of ice, was not her idea of a mild winter.
“And they said we wouldn’t see spring until maybe mid May. Maybe. And it would most
likely be a little chilly still.”
Riley’s groaned in horror. “I’m a fan of sweater weather and cute boots, and I can handle
as much pumpkin spice as you want to throw at me, but I will not stand for a chilly May.
I need shorts and flip flops like I need air, and I haven’t kayaked in months.”
Jack laughed and stood up. “We will survive. I promise. I’ve already had to promise
Cammie a trip to Hawaii.”
Riley grinned immediately. “Oh, I’m coming with you.”
Jack shook his head and held up his hands. “Oh, no, you are not. Plan your own trip to
Heck, you’re supposed to be getting married soon. Go on your honeymoon somewhere
warm. This is a romantic trip for us. No daughters allowed.”
Riley rolled her eyes and looked away. She and Mac hadn’t been getting along very well
lately. They’d talked about marriage off and on, but then the subject of Heidi would always
come up . . .  and she’d put the breaks on. “Why in the world would I go on a honeymoon
if I’m not even engaged? You know Mac and I decided to wait until we can . . . figure things
out.” Jack frowned at his step daughter and crossed his arms over his chest. “Honey, you’re
either going to have to forgive Mac and move on, or not forgive him and let him go. You
can’t keep punishing the man for kissing Heidi. Keeping him in this weird limbo you got
going isn’t healthy. For you or him.”
Riley glared over Jack’s shoulder and felt the muscles in her neck tighten at the mention
of Heidi. “There are consequences, Jack. Mac needs to know that.”
Jack shook his head and sighed. “Honey, you gotta let this go. You know Mac loves you.
You know he only romanced Heidi to get your house back. Can’t you forgive him?”
Riley shrugged and felt sad and tired all of a sudden. “I want to . . . but every time I think
of them together, all while my heart was breaking, I just want to scream and throw something
at Mac.” Jack narrowed his eyes at Riley. “All while living in the gorgeous house that you
love with all of your soul. The house Mac made sure was yours in the end. And that’s not fair,
sweetie.” Riley shrugged. “That might be a good point, but my heart is still hurt, and until it
stops hurting, no engagement.” Jack took one more sip of his hot chocolate and threw it in
the garbage can to her left.  “You take too much after your momma. All spit and vinegar,
with a small side of sweet. Have mercy on us all.”
Riley laughed and gave Jack a big hug, because it was true. “Let’s finish this tile and get
out of here. We’ll have dinner at Darby’s tonight. I hear Donovan is making something extra
special.” Jack’s face lit up and he nodded. “Grab me some more tile from the back and
we can finish in an hour if we’re fast.” Riley nodded and hurried to the kitchen to grab a box
of tile. She and Jack worked in perfect harmony for the next hour and a half, and when they
stood up, they gave each other a high five and looked at the back splash. It was a gorgeous,
pale cream subway tile, and as soon as the cabinets were delivered next week, the kitchen
was going to look amazing. A far cry from the harvest green fridge, gray linoleum and dirty
brown wallpaper that had covered the poor kitchen. “Charlie Walsh might not be walking
into a finished house tomorrow, but he will be ecstatic with all of our progress,” Riley said,
hopefully. Jack winced. “Charlie doesn’t seem like a man used to taking no for an answer.
I just hope he doesn’t fire us and hire someone else to finish the job.”
Riley grit her teeth at the very thought. “We have a contract.”
Jack grabbed his coat and keys off the stairs and put on his gloves so he could walk
outside and not get frostbite. “Yeah, one we broke because we said we’d be finished by the
end of December.” Riley frowned and wrapped her scarf around her throat. “Yeah, but Maine,
Jack. Belfast, Maine.” Jack laughed and locked up after they walked out. “Belfast, Maine.
You got that right. No one could have foreseen all the ice and delays and disasters we’ve
had to deal with. Charlie should be grateful we’ve made this much progress.”
Riley stared glumly at her truck and just prayed it would start as an icy blast of wind
threatened to push her over. “If Charlie Walsh isn't the most grateful client in the world
tomorrow, I’m going to throw a snowball in his face.”
Jack sighed and walked over to his own truck, and like Riley, prayed it would start. 

“You and me both.”

© Copyrighted Material Shannon Guymon 2019

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We're LIVE on Kindle!

Kindle Version is ready for download! Here's the link.  
ALSO - there's an Amazon giveaway going on - so if you'd like a free copy, go for it - here's that link.  
If you're still not sure ... hey, I've been there, check out Bookworm Nation here OR  KJ's Book nook here for a review. 
Can't wait to hear what you guys think!
And for those who are curious - yes, the Paperback will be out soon. Promise :D

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Better Late Than Never . . . Sneak Peek!

     So my friends, as you know, I've been writing my newest book, based in Belfast, Maine.  I finished up my Fircrest series with Accidentally in Love, Kam's Story, and so needed to find a new town to turn upside down with love, drama and a little craziness.  You're asking - why Belfast, Maine of all places? Been there! Hubby drove me up the coast of Maine a while ago for a romantic getaway, and I fell in love with everything about it - so of course, I knew you would too! 
     Oh, and yeah . . . you were expecting the book before Christmas. ( Please picture me holding my head in shame). About that - I got sick. For 2 months, I was super, super sick. I have Hashimotos and my immunity is a little subpar to put it nicely. On top of bad health,  my son got married!  So I was stretched thin and ill and my book was late.  So please know that I'm very sorry about that and that I hope the book itself makes up for it.  
     About the book? I finished it!! It's being edited as we speak. I'm working on the cover too, so things are wrapping up.  So I need 2 things from you guys. I need help picking a title. Again. Yes, I know, I always seem to need help with that and you guys are always the best at helping me! Whoever helps me - of course will get a free copy of the book, kindle or paperback.  Your choice.
The second thing? I need you to check out this sneak peek, and let me know what you think.  
Thanks again for being patient!
- Shannon

Chapter 1 – Karma

            Why did life have to suck so much? Riley thought, as she stared hopelessly at the coffee running down her cream colored, silk shirt.
            “Sorry about that,” Frank Wallace shouted back at her, as he rushed down the hallway, his wispy, brown hair, floating in the breeze.
            Riley grumbled a few brutally honest words under her breath and then took a calming moment before pushing through the heavy, glass door of Chance Bronson’s office, the one guy who held her future in his hands.  Also, her boss. She’d heard that Phillip Carter had decided to retire, which meant that there was a promotion in store for whomever Chance thought was most deserving, and since she’d been working her tail off, and spending most of her weekends doing his pet projects, it better be her.
            “Hi, Chance,” she said with a confident smile, before setting the coffee cup down on his desk.  “Your secretary thought you might be in the mood for some coffee, so I saved her the trip,” she added, before sitting down in the luxurious black leather seat.
            Chance Bronson was a man in his late fifties, who was holding on to his youth by the tips of his fingers.  He was so tan, he was slightly orange, and he’d obviously been to his stylist this morning because she could see the tell-tale marks of his dark brown dye job on his neck still. 
            Chance smiled and took a sip of his coffee. “Amber must have ESP. I was dying for a cup.  Thank you.  Now, the reason I wanted to see you . . .” he said, while glancing down at his phone with a frown.  “Hold on. This is important.”
            Riley nodded serenely, sensing the promotion was close.  She could taste it.  She could practically feel her credit card debt disappearing with her new promotion.  She’d be able to take that trip to Europe next summer if she played her cards right. Never mind those shoes she’d just seen on Instagram that morning. Strappy and sexy and so her. She sighed happily and closed her eyes for a second, as she imagined walking through the fields of Ireland, and spending days perusing castles and art galleries.
            “Yes, it’s being done as we speak.  Yes, Sir.  I understand.”
            Riley blinked quickly, and sat up straight.  Chance Bronson never used that subservient tone with anyone.  He sounded stressed out and nervous. He didn’t sound like he was in the mood to give anyone a promotion . . .  She felt her stomach tip and dive and cleared her throat nervously as he set his phone on the desk and then looked at her with bleak, washed-out, blue eyes.
            “Riley, you know I’ve always valued your employment here at Bronson, Smith and Cohen . . . however, because of a situation with one of our partners, we’re going to have to let you go. Immediately.”
            Riley’s mouth fell open as she stared at her boss and mentor of the last four years.  “You’re kidding me,” she whispered, as the taste of the promotion disappeared completely and the taste of desperation and failure took its place.
            Chance shook his head, pursing his lips and looking away.  “Mistakes were made on the Paulsen account, uh, . . .  wait, what deal were you working?” he asked, turning red in the face.
            Riley narrowed her eyes and sat forward. “I didn’t even work the Paulsen account.  That was Frank and Jeff,” she said, her throat feeling tight and stiff.
            Chance rifled through some papers on his desk.  “My mistake.  I meant the, uh, the um . . . oh yes, the Perfume deal you were working on,” he said, sighing in relief.
            Riley shook her head.  “Danielle and Austen love my ideas for their new ad.  I’m not buying it. You know I’ve been working myself to death for you and for this company.  If someone messed up on the Paulsen job, fire them. Not me.”
            Chance cleared his throat and sighed as if his soul were already gone.  “Look, Riley.  Don’t make this harder than it has to be.  I’m sorry, but nothing you can say right now, will save your job.  Mistakes were made and someone has to pay the piper.  And that person, is you,” he said grimly, not blinking. “HR will of course have some paperwork for you to fill out.  I could have had them take care of this mess, but I wanted to do it personally since you’ve always been such a hard worker.”
            Riley stood up with a sneer and walked towards the door. “And this is the thanks I get. Chance, if this is how you want to run things, based on, what? Who goes golfing with you and out to drinks after work? Then fine.  You don’t deserve me. But if you keep firing the best employees you have to keep the party going, you might want to start looking for a new job yourself,” she added, her voice thick with acid.
            She looked back one more time and noted her words had hit her mark. A look of shame was on his face. Well, shame and relief.
            Instead of walking to her office and grabbing her things, she took a detour into the women’s lounge and walked over to the sink, leaning her hands on the counter and staring at the woman in the mirror.  She looked as she always did, perfect, except for the coffee stain on her shirt and the crazed look in her eyes.  Her hair was an acceptable length at just below her shoulder blades, not too much longer or she’d be seen as too feminine for the work place.  Her shirt and blazer were right from J. Crew.  Nothing too sexy or showy in case she accidentally distracted the men.  Her heels were plain and low. At five feet seven, she didn’t want to tower over the men and make them feel inferior.
She knew she was perfectly boring, but that’s what she had to do, that’s what she had to be, to get ahead.  Get rid of any and all personality and don’t make a stir.  Work harder than the boys did just to get three quarters of the pay.  She knew the rules. Heck, she had them memorized. And she’d never once complained.  She played by the rules, she took the knocks and she kept going, no matter what.
            And still, she’d lost.
            Riley felt her heart twisting in her chest and knew she was going to either have a panic attack or begin throwing things. The complete and total unfairness of the situation was drowning her. She felt her hands begin to shake and stood up straight, glaring at the woman in the mirror.  Grow up, chick. Hold your head up and know how unworthy they are of your talents.
It was time to go. 
She threw the bathroom door open and glided smoothly down the hallway with the iciest sneer she could muster.  Riley strode into her office to see that security was already there, boxing her things up and rolled her eyes as acid slipped up her throat and into her mouth.
            Donald, the security guard looked at her sorrowfully.  “Sorry about this, Riley.  I heard the boys talking earlier about what was going down. Not right, if you ask me.”
            Riley felt tears threaten to leak at the unexpected kindness and nodded her head, unable to talk.  She grabbed her purse and her laptop, slipping it into her laptop bag and took one last look at her office.  It had been her first office and even though it didn’t have a view, she’d loved every inch of status it gave her.
            “Paulsen deal?” she finally whispered.
            Donald nodded, looking disgusted.  “That Jeff and Frank are a disgrace. They’re usually drunk by the time they get back from lunch. You’re better than this place.”
            Riley tried to smile and nodded. “Thank you for that. Let’s go, Donald,” she said calmly, with only a slight quiver in her voice.
            As they reached the elevator, of course, she’d have to come face to face with Frank and Jeff.  Life refused to make any of this easier. They were coming back from lunch and already looked bloated and red in the cheeks. They had the grace to look away, reeking of guilt as much as they did of the onions and whiskey they’d had for lunch.  She sneered at them as she walked around them, not even bothering to speak to them. 
            Karma,” Donald whispered, as they turned and watched the elevator doors shut.
            Riley shut her eyes and felt a small sob slip up and out.  Donald’s comforting hand on her shoulder was not helping the tears.  But he was right about Karma. 
            Because she’d just gotten her own dose of it.

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