Monday, December 10, 2012

Update on Do Over and a new author you should check out!

First off, I'd like to show off my brother Zach's book coming out this month.  It's called Uprising Italia.  As you can tell from the cover, which by the way - ROCKS, it's about Italy, tanks and you guessed it  . . . Zombies.  My brother and I may both have a love for writing but our similarities kind of end there.  He's more sci-fi, fantasy, zombie stuff and I'm all about reality, love and happy endings.  No eyeballs ever get eaten in any of my books.  Weird, I know. But if you or some one you love, has a penchant for the dark side, this book would make a great Christmas gift.

Now, back to ME! Okay, so I know I've been talking about Do Over for what seems like foreeeevvvver, but honestly, February will be here so soon.  I know you don't want to hear that, since you, like me, are just trying to make it through these next couple of weeks.  There are presents to buy, wrap and give and if the fudge doesn't turn out and the Christmas lights don't hang just the right way, then life is too hard to bare.  I know this!!  I am living these next couple of weeks right along with you.  But at the back of your mind, where there's a little space left, please know that the Final edits are done on Do Over and that I have written an extra chapter for the end. The people who have read it are in raptures over it.  I know, it kind of sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I promise I'm not.  

And after talking to my publisher it looks like I might be doing a launch party.  I'm kind of terrified of this, so if you have any advice for me, please send it along.  Now - back to shopping, wrapping, baking, giving, stressing, singing, parties, and more shopping and wrapping and baking. 
Take care!
- Shannon