Monday, April 23, 2012

How to shock people

I do shock people.  A lot.  How? I tell them I write books.  Instant disbelief.  I'm not kidding.  I guess I don't look like a writer.  But what exactly is a writer supposed to look like?  Does every single writer have to wear glasses?  I believe that's a stereotype.  What else?  Oh, I'm not a man.  Yep, I'm a woman.  Come on people, it's 2012! Oh and the biggest one.  I'm a mom.  No way can a mom, and a mom of 6 kids write books.  That's probably the biggest shocker. I was talking to a man yesterday who had a really hard time believing I had actually written a book.  He and his wife were at my house and finally one of my kids went and grabbed a few novels to show him.  He was SO surprised. Yes, I got a cheap thrill out of that and yet, really?  That much surprise? Sigh.  What about you guys?  Any funny reactions to people finding out you write?  Would love to hear them!

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