Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How do I find the time to write?

Every time I do a book signing, I hear the question, how do you write books when you're a busy mom? Yes, I do have six kids, and I am single, so life is crazy. And by crazy I mean, busy, wild, exhausting, insane and most of the time wonderful. Check out my blog, www.singlewithsixkids.blogspot.com/ if you don't believe me.  So how do I write a book in between laundry and cooking and on and on and on? I write when I can.  Okay, that sounds like a dumb answer, but it's true.  I decided that I would choose to do something I love and something that brings me joy instead of say, watching TV.  Cut out 3 hours of watching TV a day and you have yourself a book. And those TV hours were usually when my little ones were put to bed.  I use to kiss my angels good night and then go plop right down in front of my favorite show and if I couldn't find a show then redbox was always there for me. But I wanted to write so I had to make a choice.  It was a choice of acting or being acted upon.  But I now have 9 published books and a contract signed on my newest manuscript.  I'm not telling you it's easy to cut the TV habit, but I am telling you it's worth it.  And I'm not perfect.  I'm obsessed with The Voice on Monday nights. (Who isn't?)   But that's the only show I watch.  Not lying. To gain something of great worth, you usually have to make a sacrifice and if getting rid of The Jersey Shore or The Kardashians is the only thing holding you back? Come on, what are you waiting for?

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