Saturday, April 21, 2012

Excerpt Weekend! From The Broken Road

“Think of it this way. There are two mirrors,” the bishop explained.

“One mirror is held up by Satan. The other mirror is held up by Heavenly

Father. Let me explain how your father can look in the mirror

every day and truly believe that he’s a great guy. When your father

looks in the mirror, he’s hearing Satan whisper in his ear, ‘Wow, what

an amazing man. You’ve done so much good in this world. You stop

missionaries in the street to give them money for lunch; you take them

out to dinner. You have a good heart. Okay, maybe you’ve had to bend

the rules a little here and there, but it’s the end result that matters.

Your intentions were always pure. What a good guy.’ ”

The young woman rolled her eyes. “That’s him perfectly.”

The bishop nodded and continued. “But if he turns and looks in

the mirror that Heavenly Father is holding up for him, it’s a different

story. He’s not going to hear what he wants to hear. Heavenly Father

will stand there and look at your dad, and he’s going to say, ‘I love you

with all my heart, but it’s time we do something about those fangs. I

have a Son who’s a great dentist. His pliers will hurt, but those fangs of

yours have damaged too many people. They’re getting too sharp. And

all that poison you have inside isn’t doing you any good. We’re going

to have to do a little open-heart surgery before it takes over your whole

body. My Son is a good physician, though; you can trust him. It will

hurt a lot, but he’s the best. And those scales you have all over your

body? We’ve got to do something about them. The only way to get rid

of those is with the refiner’s fire. It hurts a lot, but in the end, you’ll be

the man you were supposed to be.’ ”

The bishop smiled slightly as the young woman nodded. “Do you

see why your dad likes looking in Satan’s mirror more? It’s painless.

It’s pleasant. It makes him feel good. And it’s easy.”

The girl sighed heavily. “Yeah, I get it. But how do you honor a


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