Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letter from a Reader - Made my day!

Here's a letter from a young woman.  I just had to share 

because it shows how uplifting books can help us through 

the rough patches.  Made my day!

I just want you to know (again) how much I love your books! They are wonderful! So uplifting and entertaining, and with great lessons and relatable characters and experiences.. I seriously share them with pretty much everyone-even a few guys have been interested to see how a chick book could be so well rounded and full of goodness instead of the usual empty fluff. 

They've become like my therapy when I am craving some good romance or need a pick me up (:

I went through a really painful, kinda ugly broken engagement last year.. I was looking for something to do and I felt like I should reread Soul Searching-and it was seriously just what I needed. I really related to Micah's conforming to someone else's idea of perfection, and of not knowing who she was or what she wanted in life (just thank goodness I didn't struggle with a testimony too) so the book was a huge help to me in picking myself up and rebuilding.

Thank you so much for writing, and thank you for keeping your books real and relatable! They really are terrific novels (:

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99beetle said...

Love this, Shannon! Such sweet feedback from a fan.