Monday, August 20, 2012

Comments on Do Over - Keep'em coming!

Here are some comments from readers of Do Over. So far - So good! If you haven't gotten your review done yet, no worries.  Just get it to me when you can. And thanks to everyone for your support and your kind words.  This is what makes being a writer worth it.  Love you guys! - Shannon

LOVED it!!!! It was great!! thanks for letting me read it! Now I can clean my house poor kids get neglected when I read a book :)
                                                                                              - Meredith Urry

It was so fabulous!
I agree with your publisher, this could be my new favorite!
                                                                                               - Liz Hall

Read the book in less than a day and loved it...  You did such a good job tying in the all of the characters from the other book.  I really enjoyed reading it but then again, I enjoy all of your books.
I also love the cover!!!!!  Way to go...
Thanks for letting me read it..
                                                                                              - Cathy Walker

I had so much fun reading "Do Over!" Having just moved away from Highland and Alpine, it made me wish I was back even more. I love Iris and Travis...but I also fell in love with your minor characters. Those women crack me up! I love their friendship and how they stay friends no matter what...but they don't let anyone get away with "stuff" either. Successful relationships are all about love and trust not only between couples but between friends of any kind...and I adore the way you show that in this story. "Do Over" is a delightful tale. thank you for sharing it with me.
                                                                                                -  Kari Pike

I absolutely LOVED the book!!!! I really liked how Iris is so strong, strong enough to know when it is ok to fall in love again after a grueling heart break. ( believe me I know how she feels in that department!) You helped restore the feeling of a happily ever after with this story!!!
                                                                                                 -  Kim Henne

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