Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Awesome Opportunity if you want to be a writer

I got this courtesy of Lisa Mangum - yes That Lisa Mangum

OPEN CALL FOR ROMANCE NOVELS! Shadow Mountain is looking for well-written, compelling, and CLEAN romance novels suitable for a national audience (i.e., not specifically LDS) to consider as part of their "Proper Romance" line. Romances can be in any genre, including contemporary, paranormal, Regency, mystery, etc. Email your one-page synopsis to Heidi Taylor at htaylor (at) deseretbook (dot com). Put the following into the subject line: Author's Think Tank--Proper Romance Query. Heidi will accept queries until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 30, 2012. And.......GO!

I remember when I was speaking at the American Fork Writer's conference and all of the 

amazing, talented men and women there wanting so much to get published.  

This is a huge opportunity.  I put this on my Facebook page but in case you follow my blog 

and haven't been on FB.  Take a minute and think about that manuscript you have sitting 

around.  Blow off the dust, take a deep breath and DIVE IN!  Shadow Mountain is the real 

deal.  Their new Romance line is geared for the whole world, not just the LDS market.  Do 

you know what that means?  That means this opportunity is bigger than you realize.  You 

only have until tomorrow though so GO FOR IT!


Heather said...

Shannon, do you know if they're considering YA?

Shannon said...

From what I'm hearing, they're willing to look at anything that is non-LDS specific but clean. Good luck Heather!