Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movie part 2

Okay, sorry.  Can't let this go.  Once I start a game, it's just impossible to stop.  So, we'll switch to The Makeover.  I have to pick the right actors/actresses for this movie or it's going to be a huge flop. (I'm not insane and yes, no movie rights are in the talks - I'm just planning ahead). So I've already picked Emma Stone for Sophie.  For the grandma, I'm thinking Meryl Streep.  Maybe she's too young, but if you can play the Queen of England, you can play a witchy grandma.  I'm thinking she'll jump at the chance.  So the rest of the characters I need are:  Sam, Tess, Jacie and Daphne.  Hmmm, Sam.  I still think that Australian actor Simon Baker would be perfect if he was 15 years younger.  But you get my drift, right?  Tess.  Let's think of the most evil blond in the world.  Really Evil. Got it!  Charlize Theron.  Think evil witch/queen from the Snow White movie.  And there you have Tess.  Perfect! Home run.  Now, Daphne.  This is harder, because Daphne is yet again, kind of evil and kind of blond.  You might think I hate all blonds and think they're evil.  Not true!  I'm a blond and Allison from the Broken Road is a blond.  So no generalizations, just the luck of the draw.  But Daphne has to be perfect because I hate her so much.  (Yes authors are crazy) Hmmm, which blond is up to the job? I'm thinking Amanda Seyfried. She has that look, right?  Super sweet, and then wham, stab you in the back.  Yep, another home run. Okay, that leaves  Jacie the best friend.  Another blond.  Wow, what was the deal with all the blonds in this book?  This is killing me.  So think the coolest chick in the world, feisty, fun, daring and yet big hearted.  How about a younger Reece Witherspoon? I know, she's more leading lady than best friend.  Maybe she'd be a good Allison Vaughn instead?  Okay I'll keep looking.  Can we make Sandra Bullock a 20 year old blond?  I know.  A crime.  Help me out on Jacie!  I'm stuck.  So that's it for now. Play time is over.  Tell me if I'm wrong or right.

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