Monday, May 28, 2012

12 Rules for writing

 I have to admit I didn't come up with this list, but I like it.  It's basic and it'll get you started.  But the most important rule I think, is #2.  If it's boring to you it's boring to your reader.  I can't remember how many times I've deleted a whole chapter, because at the end of it, I had to say, 'Who cares?'.   I know didn't.  Which for sure means you wouldn't have.  Be grateful, and now be kind to your readers.  Take a look at your most recent manuscript.  Now get rid of all the boring parts.  Ta Da!  Perfection.

1.) If you write every day, you get better writing every day.
2.)  If it's boring to you, it s boring to your reader.
3.)  Get a writing routine and stick with it.
4.)  Poetry doesn't have to rhyme.
5.)  Resist stereotypes in reality and in writing.
6.)  Writers read a lot.  All the time. Really.
7.)  Make a list of your favorite words, books and places.
8.)  There doesn't always have to be a moral to the story.
9.)  Always bring your notebook and a spare pen.
10.)  Go for walks, dance, wed, do the dishes.  Then write about it.
11.)  Don't settle on one style.  Try something new.
12.)  Learn to tell both sides of the story.

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