Monday, May 14, 2012

Making a book into a movie

Yeah, I wish!  But this is a really fun game to play.  I actually see the big time players do it all the time, so why not me?  So if I had to pick a book to turn into a movie, I'd probably pick my latest one Do-Over. I know, no fair, since none of you has read it.  But since I have, and this is my game, I make the rules.  For Iris, one of the coolest women in the world, I would have to say,  Anne Hathaway.  Easy.  Tall, arresting looks, strong heart and a great sense of humor.  Slam dunk on that one.  And for Trey?  Hmm, I was thinking Ryan Gosling, because, who wouldn't? But I'm not sure anymore.  I'll get back to you on him.  For Sophie, I'm going to cast Emma Stone.  Love her!!  She'll be great in this role, especially since she tries to ruin everything.  Oops, let something slip there.  Okay, I'll keep going.  Maggie.  Hmm, she's hard.  She' so tough, but so awesome and kind too.  Very protective, tall, gorgeous.  Maybe a younger Catherine Zeta Jones.  Any other suggestions? I need help on this one. Allison? Hmm, gorgeous blond.  Whose your favorite blond actress? This is actually harder than it looks.  I would hate to mess this up.  Give me some suggestions!!  And Donny? He's the one trying to steal Iris away from Trey.  He's a mix between Vin Diesel, The Rock, and the cute guy from the blue Avatar movie.  What is his name?  I'll get back to you.  That's it for now.  I'll update you on the rest of the casting later.

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