Saturday, May 19, 2012

Excerpt Weekend! And this one is from my Unpublished book, Do Over!

Okay, everyone, I was going to hold off (for a really long time) but I can't wait to share just a little smidgen of Do Over.  So here's your first little taste of Trey's story.


“I hate men.” Iris whispered furiously as she gripped the beautiful woman’s cell phone so hard one of the rhinestones popped off.

The woman gently pried her phone out of Iris’s clenched, white hand. “Well, like I said, I just thought you should know. By the way, since I’m your new best friend, call me Cherish.”

Iris glanced around at her wedding reception and felt a cold heavy dread settle over her shoulders. It went well with the misery, shock and despair that were already suffocating her.

“Telling me yesterday would have been nice,” she said softly as the lace on her wedding dress started to itch her arms.

The tall voluptuous blond winced and stepped closer, looking like she was about to drop yet another bomb on the happiest day of her life. “Look, I didn’t even know about you until last night when Riley’s other girlfriend confronted me. Some trashy girl named Germaine. An office assistant. So clich√©. She knew all about you and was fine, but when she found out about me, that was too much I guess. And just for the record, I didn’t know about either of you when I started seeing Riley. Trust me, I’m not the type to share. I don’t even know why I’m here to be honest. I think it was your wedding announcement she threw in my face. It was just so sweet. I had to see what kind of girl would cover her announcement in bright red poppies. And here you are. Just as I pictured you,” Cherish sighed as if she were exhausted and scanned the room quickly.

            Iris’s head swam as she took in the addition of yet another woman Riley had cheated on her with. Correction. Still cheating on her with.

            “Now don’t faint. I work out, but not enough to catch you and all that lace. Give me your email and I’ll forward you Riley’s emails. You know, in case you want extra proof. ”

            Iris sounded like a robot as she gave her information to the woman. Cherish finished adding the address to her phone and then slipped it into her purse.

Cherish winced at Iris’s white face and reached out and patted her shoulder. “So you have a choice I guess. Ignore what I’ve told you and leave on your honeymoon as if everything’s fine, or save yourself a lifetime of heartache. It’s up to you. Now, since I’ve done my good deed for the day I think I’ll head out.”

            Iris didn’t even watch as she walked quickly down the hallway of the reception center and out into the bright summer light.

            “Iris! There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you dear. It’s almost time to cut the cake.”

Iris looked up at her mother in law, Clarisse Shelton and shuddered. She glanced over her shoulder at the door leading to freedom and knew if she ran for it, it would only make matters worse.

            “I’d like you to get Riley for me please,” she asked in a strained voice. Clarisse’s eyes sharpened on her as she noticed Iris’s pale, distraught face. She turned without saying a word and hurried back down the hallway towards the ballroom.
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I cannot wait to read more! When will it come out? I'll be your first customer!