Friday, May 4, 2012

Help Me! Help Me! (I'm serious)

So here's the deal, every (most) LDS author/artist knows it's all about advertising and we never get as much as we want.  Here's my chance to get some!  Please Like the LDS Books and Things Facebook page - Find MY name in the comments and like my comment and I win.  Please Please Please pretty pretty Please!! Thanks guys, Love YA!
Who is your favorite LDS Author/Artist? Help them win by "liking" their name in the comments below. Don't see their name yet? Add it in a comment and then like it. The LDS Author/Artist who has their commented name "liked" most on this post BEFORE JUNE 1 will get a FREE 1/4 page ad in the 2012 Fall Issue of Books & Things, circulation over 150,000! - START LIKING & SHARING!

Step 1: Like the LDS Books & Things Facebook Page (Like Button Up Top)
Step 2: Find your favorite Author/Artist's name in the Comments and "Like" their comment.
Step 3: Tell your friends to vote too!


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