Friday, February 1, 2013

The Blog Tour Begins! - 1st stop: Kathy

This is SO exciting for me!  I've never done a Blog Tour before so I'm a little nervous.  But Kathy from did such a good job.  If you go to her Blog you can enter a drawing for a free copy of Do Over.  She also interviewed me so you're going to know more about than you expected.  Love her Blog! You will too.  Let me know what you think!

Do Over is LDS fiction that can easily be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys clean, humorous romance.  Set in Utah there are only a few sentences in the entire book that reference something to do with LDS culture. One reference to using money to support missionaries, one question as to whether someone had been sealed in the temple and a sentence that says a wedding takes place in a temple. Otherwise this book could and should be read by anyone who enjoys cute clean fun chick lit!

I read this entire book in one sitting!  This was my Christmas Day read, after being woke up at 5:20 by my kids to open their presents I was back in bed by 6 am and was lucky enough to spend most of the day reading. 

While reading Do Over I had no clue it was part of a series.  I'm odd in that I rarely read book summaries because I hate spoilers so I pick books by their covers.  I didn't know I had missed out on anything but since reading it I have gone back and started at the beginning of the series and am enjoying all the back-story on the characters.  Who knew Trey had been kicked out of BYU?  Or that Sam & Sophie has such a crazy beginning?  While Do Over is a mainstream read, Makeover, the first book in the series, is much more of a classic LDS fiction type read.

Do Over was so much fun to read.  Iris & Trey were a hoot together.  Both are strong characters who can hold their own and when put together there is some great chemistry.  I highly recommend you pick up your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and curl up with this book. But use caution or you might be inspired by Iris and find yourself heading out to purchase a pair of high heeled boots!

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Monique said...

Both books sound like fun. :)