Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review on Meridian Magazine

     Hi everyone! It's been a crazy, busy two weeks. Lots of reviews, blog tours, a TV appearance and a book launch. Things are starting to slow down a little now.  But two good things today are making me smile.  Seagull Book has Do Over in their new catalog and Jennie Hansen did a review of my book for Meridian Magazine.  Here's the link if you missed it.  The one thing you can always count on with Jennie is that she will tell the truth.  That's why when she says she likes a book, you can believe it.  Lucky for me  . . . well, see for yourself:


Cindy said...

GReat review Shannon. It's the truth, the book is awesome.

Alyson said...

Shannon, I just got this book yesterday and spent over an hour sitting under a tree eating Mike & Ikes and trying not to laugh out loud, and then of course I finished it last night. This book was great!! I love all of the other Alpine books (I have them all) but this one called to me. I have always secretly wanted to tip my hair (purple though) and get rockin biker boots and this book has inspired me to do it. If anything this book came out when I needed it so thank you...and did you have specific boots in mind when you wrote about them? Your description of them intrigues me :-)

Shannon said...

Hi Alyson! So glad you enjoyed Do Over. I've always wanted to do something wild and crazy to my hair to. I say go for it! Send me a picture when you do and I'll post it on my blog :) And the boots were strictly from my imagination, but if I ever come across anything even slightly close, I'm jumping on them. Take care!