Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Launch Pictures!

The Book Launch was So much fun! 
 I forgot to take so many pictures.  I just got so caught up talking I totally forgot (sorry Maggie! - and everyone else) But we had a great time. I was going to play Earth Wind and Fire to liven things up, but Seagull was playing a Hank Smith CD which is almost the same thing. 

This is me and Alicia Hudson one of the most extraordinary women I know! Soooo glad she came :)
Me and Lee Ann Payne my neighbor and visiting teacher! 

Rachel and Barbara - New Friends!  Loved meeting them
Mandee Hodges and three of her four daughters - aren't they gorgeous!

Brittany Peay (Coolest girl in the world!)

Me and Elaine - She swears she's my biggest fan :)  But not in a Stephen King Misery kind of way

Rock Star of Rock Stars - The one and only J.Scott Savage!  And he brought me a copy of his newest book for my kids.  Does it get better than that??

Rachel Wright - cutest mom in the world!

Cammy Peay - or as other people call her - Wonder Woman :)

The beautiful Lori Baer - Love her!

Everyone's favorite cheer leaders- Cathy and Susan Cluff

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