Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Daily Dish and a Launch Party

     Sooo -  it looks like I am really going to be on The Daily Dish February 12th around 9 or 10am.  I'm still in shock.  I thought for sure they were just kidding and that they'd come back and say, "Sorry! We've decided to have the author of 50 shades of Grey on instead."  Days go by and no cancellation has come yet.  So I guess I better start preparing.  But how in the world do you prepare for a TV interview?  No really - if you know, please email me.  I'm not even kidding.  My daughter video taped me a couple weeks ago and I tend to do this bobble headed thing.  I had no idea.  My hands - great.  My head?  It's like from the neck up I'm Italian or something.  
     The other exciting thing on my agenda is a launch party at Seagull Book in American Fork.  Never done that either.  I know, weird.  I've done tons of book signings, but a launch party?  Yikes.   I'll bring treats for sure.  Maybe an Earth Wind and Fire CD to play?  Really, I have no idea what will be happening yet.  But that will be the same day as the TV interview.  February 12th is going to be a CRAZY day for me.  So hurry and put it on your calendar. And tell your husbands that  instead of chocolate this year, you want a signed copy of Do Over instead.  It's coming out 2 days before Valentine's Day.  Perfect timing for the husband that doesn't like to stress the crowds.  
     And for those of you who don't have a cute hubby who is right now already thinking of the perfect gift for the most romantic day of the year, never fear.  Do Over is not only a fun romance, it's a book that totally gets the fact that cute husbands or boyfriends who are incredibly thoughtful and romantic and perfect sometimes don't exist.  So if you fit into that category (I do!), come say hi and we'll have some fun.


Tamra Torero said...

How fun and exciting!! Just be yourself and you'll be fantastic!!! Be sure to post a link for those of us who live in the far reaches of the universe. I wanna see!!! Congrats, my friend!

Shannon said...

Tell me again why you live in Texas? I could swear you're supposed to be living right next door to me :)