Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Stop on the Blog Tour!

Tawni is a friend and also a co-worker of mine.  She has a great blog you all should be reading and she graciously agreed to review Do Over for me.  She did an amazing job!  And not only that, if you all leave a comment you might just win a free copy of Do Over.  Worth your time?  According to Tawni - Yes!   Here's the link: http://mycheekyredshoes.wordpress.com/ 
Here's a small snippet  

Currently I have a, “No-Depressing-Book” Policy. So when I had the opportunity to read, Do Over by Shannon Guymon I was thrilled. She and I work together at A Guardian Angel Adoptions, both working on the Birth Mother Crisis line. She is incredible.
In this day and age it is very nearly impossible to pick up a book that does not contain complete filth. My feelings on this were intensified Sunday after painfully sitting through the Super Bowl with my family, cringing at almost every commercial and completely disgusted with Hollywood’s version of a “family friendly” halftime show.

Want to read the rest?   Of course you do!  Check it out and let me know how you're enjoying the Blog Tour!

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