Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Writers and Rituals

I'm gearing  up to start a book. I've talked to a couple authors and they have these rituals they go through before they'll start.  One guy I know has to have a Mountain Dew and just the right music playing and possibly a toy Samurai sitting on his desk.  Hmmm.  Another woman I know has to be in a cabin, far away from anyone and any distractions.  Okay.  I guess I'm kind of boring.  I just need a lap top and a few hours of quiet.  But since I do write romance, maybe I should get a Ken and Barbie to sit on my desk? But since I actually despise Ken and Barbie, this might have a negative impact. But I admit It, I'm a little jealous of the Samurai toy.  I've also sworn off Dr. Pepper forever, so it'll be me and a bottle of water.  I'm feeling very insecure about my writing rituals now. And sooo many authors I talk to have very specific playlists that they listen to when they write.  That would drive me insane.  How would I get any writing done if I'm singing along with Cee lo?  What do you guys do? Anything inspiring? Anything fun?  Or should I just ignore the rituals and get down to business?  

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