Monday, July 2, 2012

50 Shades of Crap

I know, I know. I've mentioned this before.  But I am so ticked by this book.  No I have not read it.  But I've read the articles about it, I've seen the news segments about it.  This book has been hyped more than Harry Potter. Aagh! My 17 year old son even saw a comedy sketch on the book on SNL and every time I leave to go the library or the store, he'll laugh and say, 'Hey mom, don't forget to pick me up a copy of 50 Shades.'  (Please don't watch the SNL skit. It's probably just as bad as the book). This is getting crazy when even my teenage son knows about women's erotica.  I used to have daily deals by Amazon on my blog, but it was, you guessed it, nothing but 50 Shades.  It's gone.  But here's the worst.  Right in Lehi at my local Costco they have the whole series right there in the book section!  Sitting right next to LDS authors and everybody else.  So movies have ratings.  Video games and even music have warnings and ratings.  Maybe if anyone can grab a book and put it in their cart with their eggs and milk, there should at least be a sign that says, This book is Rated X.  Am I being a total prude or do you agree with me? 

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