Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do Over Update #3,874,290.43

Just kidding, there haven't been thaaaat many updates, have there?  Yikes, I hope not.  But here's the deal everyone - there are only 40 days until Do Over hits the stores.  40 days!! Mark your calendars for February 12th 2013 because just 2 whole days before Valentine's you can get the one book that you need to survive that revered Holiday.  So to get you excited again, hopefully enough to Pre-order Do Over on Amazon, I'd like to re-post Heather Clark's review of Do Over.  Read it and weep people, because I know I do every time I read it :)
     Shannon Guymon's New Novel, Do Over, is a triumph of clean, fun romance. Want a book you can recommend to your teenage daughter, or your grandmother, and be confident that they'd both find something to enjoy? I'm a newcomer to Shannon's work, but I immediately put her other Alpine books on hold at my public library. Shannon includes just enough touches of past characters to make me curious about their back-stories, without becoming self-indulgent, and boring or confusing me by focusing too much on past plots. Iris and Trey were definitely the stars of their own story.

     And what a couple. They were funny. From their witty,sparkling first meeting, Iris and Trey kept me guessing. Iris is not your average romance-novel heroine. She doesn't spend a single minute moping and swooning. And waiting to be rescued by a handsome, dominating hero? Not a chance. Move over, ex-fiancé! Stand aside, men in general! Iris has got big plans, a serious pair of boots, and her hair is on fire. Perfect for a woman of action. As Shannon reminds us throughout the book, Iris is strong, independent, and just a little bit wild. But don't take Shannon's word for it. Iris's actions speak louder than words. All the way to the funny,over-the-top ending, Iris demands respect and forges her own destiny. In her own words, "I’m coming for you, so watch out." Finally, a heroine that doesn't slightly embarrass the entire female gender.

     And speaking of strong characters, Iris has met her match in Trey. He's kind, witty, charming, handsome, and tender—when he's not dishing out the sass in a Ben and Jerry's container, that is. 

     These characters are a lot of fun, and you're pretty sure while you're reading that if you met them, you'd be friends for life. Pick up Shannon's latest book, and they may become just that. 

- Heather Clark


Laura said...

Sounds like a fun read. I can't wait to buy it.

Shannon said...

Thanks Laura! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas :D