Friday, January 11, 2013

Exciting things!

     Only 1 month to go until my book Do Over comes out.  So here's why I'm getting super excited.  I've been in contact with CW's 30 The Daily Dish.  Ever heard of them? Yes you have!  There's a chance I might just be on their show on February 12th to promote my book.  
     Can not even tell you how exciting this is and yet totally brain fryingly terrifying at the same time.  My knees are wobbly just thinking about it, but I will do whatever it takes, even fainting on live TV to promote my book.  But that's probably my limit.  I heard of this one guy that said he'd run across the  whole state of Utah if he got so many sales. Being on the Daily Dish would be a lot less painful I'm sure
     I will keep you updated as soon as I find out for sure.  Now remember, it's not a for sure for sure thing, but almost for sure.  Cross your fingers for me!
     In the mean time, I have a huge favor to ask of all my dear lovely friends who read my book early to do reviews.  Could you please- pretty please post your reviews on and or Goodreads?  That would be so appreciated. We're really starting to gear up for the big push and every little bit helps.  
 - Shannon


B said...

CONGRATS!!! You deserve it.

Mel said...

Wondering if this book, along with several others you have written will be available in kindle format and approximately when? Would just LOVE that!-M

Shannon said...

Hi Mel,
Makeover and The Broken Road are available on Kindle for sure. I talked to the publisher and they're slowly getting all the others formatted for Kindle too. It'll just take time. Do Over should be on Kindle as soon as it's published on Feb. 12th. At least I think so! I'll double check on that. Thanks for asking!