Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's time to play . . . Cast that Movie Star!

   You guys know I love doing this. I honestly can't resist to be honest.  So let's do it.  Let's cast the movies stars for my latest trilogy since I just finished Tough Love.  So we have a big day of casting ahead of us.  We need to cast Rob Downing and Wren Tyler from Come To Me and Bailey Downing and Kam Matafeo from Be Mine, and last but not least, Taryn Downing and Brogan Moore from Tough Love.         So I'm going to start by throwing out who I'm picturing but I would LOVE it if you guys joined in and helped us out.  Who do YOU see starring in these movies?

My picks:  Rob Downing *Theo James* (I'm sort of on a Divergent kick right now, so sue me)
Wren Tyler *Blake Lively*

Kam Matafeo *Alesana Tuilagi, Rugby player*

Bailey Downing * Adriana Lima - but with more blond highlights*

Brogan Moore * Gabriel Aubrey but blonder*

Taryn Downing * Bianca Balti - famous Italian model*

What do you guys think? Did I nail it?  Disagree/Agree? Let me know - Post some pictures of your casting picks.

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Cambria Hernandez said...

Bailey is SPOT ON with what I picture her to look like! The others are mostly close, but I picture Wren to have a softer & sweeter look than Blake Lively... a little more like Jaime Ray Newman.

Shannon said...

I had to look her up - I wasn't sure who she is. But she's pretty! And you're right, very Wren-like :)

Brielle Tidwell said...

Theo James is amazing, totally agree. You are such a fantastic writer, you should check out my blog, it would mean the world to me. It's

Felicia Ferrigno said...

Your choice for Brogan is spot on. Taryn would have to be a dope to resist him at all because he was once someone's little brother. He filled out nicely!