Monday, May 5, 2014

Free Book Anyone?

So it was my birthday and to celebrate - I've decided to 
give YOU a gift! 
   Starting today until May 9th I'm giving away free Kindle versions of Come To Me.  It's the first book in my newest trilogy and You. Will. Love.It. 
   No really, you should grab a copy. And here's the really cool thing.  Not only am I celebrating my birthday by being nice to all my friends but I want you guys to pay it forward and be nice to an awesome Mom you might know since Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY. Just go to Amazon and instead of Buy with 1 click just go one step below and hit Give as Gift.   So easy. So free.  So nice for your mom or your friend or your sister (or yourself).  
   Feel free to share the love! Oh- And here's the link.


ajf1125 said...

Thanks so much! I loved this book, as I did the Love and Dessert trilogy. I'm hoping to see a book giving Garrett (in books 2 and 3 of L&D) his happily ever after, any chance of that? Thanks again!

Shannon said...

You are welcome! And yes, my next trilogy will be about Garrett and his two brothers and their lives and loves. It's going to be called the Love and Flowers trilogy. I'll keep you posted on when the 1st book will be out :)

Felicia Ferrigno said...

A Fircrest series. I see endless possibilities. Anyone of them have horses you could write about? And...not to seem grumpy, but you MUST start including recipes if Belinda's Bakery and Wren's creations are going to be included. I've read others that have any included the recipes of the characters' specialties & it helped really connect with the book buy baking them. My son was just accepted into the Culinary Institute of America so we are kind of foodies on our house! and because their ebooks you could always go back and add the recipes from previous books :-)

Shannon said...

Felicia - I have to admit that I'm a Top Chef addict. All of my recipes from The Iron Skillet are inspired by their shows. If you go to they have amazing recipes. As far as Belinda's Bakery, some of their creations are inspired by whatever I'm craving that day but there is a local cupcake shop here in Utah that has truly inspired me. You should check them out at: as far as horses . . . Let me think about it :)