Monday, October 15, 2012

Update on Do Over

Here's the newest update on Do Over.  I just heard back from Cedar Fort and they have decided to keep the boots that they had on the cover before. They did a search for the coolest biker chick boots  in order to get it just right and came up with . . . well, nothing.  I know, heartbreaking.  But on the bright side, we still don't have to look at a hammer.  So we're moving forward. Do Over is already up on Amazon for pre-orders.  I think that's pretty exciting.  Picture me doing a few cartwheels and not landing on my rear or my face.  That's how excited I am.  I'll be doing a Facebook Fan Page for Do Over too.  I've never done that for a book before so if you have any advice, please send it my way.  If you have fan pages for your books, tell us so we can check them out.


Tamra Torero said...

I'm on page 139 and loving it, Shannon!!! Yeah...I'd envisioned more of a "waffle bottom" boot, but these are definitely cute! So excited for you!!!

Shannon said...

My thoughts exactly Tami! And so glad you're enjoying it :D How's your new book coming?

Tamra Torero said...

It's coming along pretty well... But still not enough hours in the day!!!