Monday, October 8, 2012

Sticking with a genre or jumping off a cliff

I've read some reviews of J.K. Rowlings newest book and I feel kind of bad for her.  What writer wouldn't? In my opinion, JK is one of the most gifted writers this world has ever seen.  So to see her hit home run after home run and then to fizzle in the 6th inning is just sad. Not that she couldn't come back tomorrow and write the greatest novel ever read.  But right this second as she's sitting in England, drinking her tea and reading all of the bad reviews, I wish I was sitting there with her. Because I'd probably say, 'You're acting like a loony Muggle! Grab the laptop and tell me what Harry's doing now!'.  I know, rotten, huh?  Not very supportive for sure.  But it does illustrate how we all get stuck in genres.  I'm super comfortable with romance.  If you told me I had to write a Sci-Fi thriller right this second, I'd beg you to shoot me.  However, don't we all need to stretch a little? Get out of our comfort zones just a titch?  Maybe someone should force me to write a sci-fi book.  Who knows, maybe I'd love it? (I really wouldn't)  But it's the trying that makes us better.  The sweat and tears form us into who we're supposed to become right?  So in honor of J.K., I'm going to stretch a little.  I am now writing a book that I never thought I'd touch.  It involves witches, blood and a magic. This will not be LDS fiction.  Yikes, my heart is palpitating.  Notice my cool word choice.  So I'm getting ready to jump of a cliff.  Let me know if you  know of any publishers who'd like to soften my landing.


Tamra Torero said...

Jump! Jump! And feel comfort in the thought that I'm jumping right there with you! :)

Shannon said...

Ha ha Tami! I knew you'd say that :D I hope we both make a huge splash!