Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! And here's a little something just for you

   So I was planning on having Book 2 in my Love and Trust Trilogy out today. Did. Not. Happen. So ashamed. However, I do have a cover reveal and the 1st chapter for your Valentine's Day enjoyment.  I mean, the whole month of February is the month of love, right?  Missing the 14th is forgivable. . . please?

   Phew - now that I have my confession out of the way, on to my favorite Holiday: Halloween. Just kidding, I love Valentine's Day! Flowers,candy, romance and love.  Tons and tons of love.  But knowing from past experience how this plays out in real life, I've figured out it's always smart to have a good book standing by for emergencies. This might be why I became a romance author. Hmmm.

   So to tide you over, here is my newest cover for Book 2, Be Mine:  

   And the first chapter:

Chapter 1 – Kiss and Tell

Taryn’s Birthday Party

                Kam watched as Wren walked out of the restaurant with Rob and shook his head slightly.
                “Why the frown? Aren’t you glad to see them back together?”
                Kam turned and looked down into the beautiful face of Bailey Downing, Rob’s youngest sister. “I’m more worried right now. Looks like Rob has a second chance. I just hope he doesn’t mess it up this time,” he said, glancing back at the door.    
                Bailey frowned and crossed her arms over her metallic dress. “Okay, Rob has made mistakes but so has Wren. Have a little faith.”
                Kam grinned and turned his whole attention back to Bailey. “I have plenty of faith. What about you?”
                Bailey’s eyebrows went up and she smiled slightly. “I have plenty of faith in my brother. He’s the best man I know,” she said with a proud tilt of her head.
                Kam stepped closer and took her hand, pushing the large metal bracelet she was wearing up her arm. “Nah, I’m talking faith in love. Do you have any?”
                Bailey licked her lips and looked away from him as he continued to play with her bracelets. “Sure, of course I do,” she said breezily.
                Kam watched the way her eyes narrowed and her mouth turn down. “Faith takes action Bailey. You should go out with me.”
                Bailey’s eyes turned wary as she smiled faintly. “I really wish I could Kam, but my social calendar is kind of full at the moment,” she said and with a little wave, turned around on her high heels and began walking away.
                Kam frowned darkly at her back and without thinking, he moved forward, grabbing her hand and pulling her down the hallway and toward the empty kitchen.
                “Hey! What are you doing?” Bailey squawked, pulling on her hand as he pushed open the door and flipped on the light.
                He let go and looked down at her with his hands on his hips. “So what was this Bailey? You spend all night flirting with me and talking to me and playing me up and when I take the bait you just swim away with a little wave of your hand. I didn’t take you for shallow and cruel, but that’s what it’s starting to look like,” he said grimly.
                Bailey’s mouth fell open and she shook her head. “Just because a girl talks to you doesn’t mean she wants to date you. I guess you’re just used to all the girls falling at your feet so it comes as a shock when I don’t. Well, here’s some advice Kam. Grow up buddy and get used to disappointment. Now I’m bored, so just move out of my way,” Bailey said with a queenly flick of her wrist.
                Kam’s face cleared and he nodded his head. “Ah, I get it now. You were just using me. You were getting me out of the way so Rob could make his move.”
                Bailey bit her lip and looked at her feet for a moment. “I don’t use people,” she said tightly starting to look mad.
                Kam leaned back against the door and crossed his massive arms over his chest. “Yes Bailey, as a matter of fact you do. You used my attraction for you against me so you could get your way. Add manipulative to that list.”
                Bailey crossed her arms over her chest, mirroring Kam and tapped her foot on the floor angrily. “You’re a jerk. Now get out of my way,” she hissed and moved forward, assuming Kam would move as well.
                Kam’s eyes gleamed darkly at Bailey and he moved. He grasped Bailey’s upper arms and pulled her up against his chest before leaning down and kissing her. Bailey immediately stopped pulling away and began kissing him back. Kam lifted his head after a few moments and stared with hard eyes down into Bailey’s unfocused blue eyes.
                “See you around Bailey,” he said and turned and walked out of the kitchen, letting the door swing shut.
                Baily stood where she was, looking dazed and feeling a little wobbly. She lifted a hand to her lips and then closed her eyes briefly. “Wow.”

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   Happy Valentine's Day my friends! Hope it's wonderful
   - Shannon


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Wonderful. Can't wait to read more.

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Looking good! I'm excited!!

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Hee hee. Two such strong personalities should make for an exciting book... I can't wait to read the rest!