Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm in Limbo

Do you ever feel that way as a writer?  My new book Do Over, is in the capable hands of my publisher, (Sorry, still don't have a publication date), my kids are out of school which means no serious writing until September. That might be a good thing though since for the first time ever, I have no idea what I'd even write if I did have 2 solid hours of quiet. I'm in limbo which is different than writers block.  Writer's bock is where you know how the book ends, but you have 50,000 words until you get there and writing just one of those 50,000 is excruciating and you wish someone did have a gun to your head saying "WRITE OR DIE!", because then, maybe you could. Nah, this is different. This is just blah. This is nothing.  This is what is called a void.  Sure there are steps to be taken.  Read.  Of course, got that.  Read an amazing book, be inspired in  your own special way.  Live.  Got it.  I've got a whole summer to do that, blah blah blah.  I'm yawning right now.  I honestly think the only thing big enough, huge enough to inspire a complete novel right now would be  . . . and I'm lost.  Let me know what inspires you.  PLEASE!


Heather said...

Oh, that is the absolute worst. I would have suggested reading... When I read someone else 's work of genius, I get filled up. Maybe try some writing prompts. Just little set pieces... Free writes with no pressure or deadlines attached... Or go swimming. Sometimes characters start talking in my head while I swim long, boring laps.

Shannon said...

Right now I'll try anything. Even swimming :) Thanks Heather!