Monday, June 8, 2015

Official Announcement

Just wanted to let everyone know that At Last is now Live on Kindle!
 (Paperback will be available shortly) 
Here's the link.

Maya Tenney just wants to feel safe again. She never would have pictured herself as a woman who runs from danger, but being put in the hospital by a violent man has made her realize that staying alive is more important than her pride. She'll even move in with the grouchiest man she knows if that will scare off her ex.Tristan Jensen knows what it's like to deal with heartbreak, but he's not okay with anyone who hurts women. He's intrigued with Maya but he's done with women who manipulate and use others. Will these two be able to get past their misconceptions of each other or will they let pride destroy what could be a great love story?


sharon Landis said...

I loved this book Shannon!! You have hit it out of the park once again.

Shannon said...

Thanks Sharon!! You are a sweetheart :)

Brianne said...

I loved it!!!! So so good!!

Shannon said...

Thank you Brianne! So glad you enjoyed it :)

Heather Ann said...

I really love these books. Who will the next set be about??? :)

Shannon said...

Well, the next book I write will be Kam's story which will finish off my Fircrest series. The next set ... haven't gotten that far yet. I need a new town in a new place. I'm open to suggestions :)