Monday, August 25, 2014

Cover Reveal for Cleo's Book!

   Okay my friends, I know this day has been a long time coming but I'm here to announce the title and show you the awesome cover for Cleo's book. Everyone was so kind with their title suggestions but I've decided to go with:  
A Passion For Cleo.  I couldn't see where anyone had suggested that, but if you did, send me a screen shot and I'll send you a free e-book. 
What do you think of the cover?

   Do you know how hard it is to get a cover with a hot Samoan guy and a blond? Not easy people, but I think this cover does Cleo's story justice. And yes, the cover tells you which guy she goes for. Poor Asher

   So the next question I'm sure you have is - When will the book be live??  Good question. The book is done, but it's going through the editing process right now. So I'm hoping for sometime next week. I know! I'm sorry it's not live right now, but I want you to be happy in the end so we're all just going to have to be patient. 
   Also, while I have you here, check out this amazing review for Dreaming of Ivy. LOVE it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Ivy finds out who she is!August 21, 2014
I gave this book 5 stars because it is everything I want in a summer read. It is believable, has characters with real problems--that are trying hard to work them out. This book deals with PTSD, OCD, Eating Disorders just to name a few. I do love how Shannon deals with these problems in the context of the story. She tries to bring them front and center--so the characters will get the help they want and need. She does an amazing job of keeping it real---not so real you think you are reading your Psyc textbook. But the audience's understanding of these mental illnesses is broadened. The more we know the more we understand and the more we understand the better we can interact with someone suffering.
So all of that just lets me understand the characters a little better. I have come to love Ivy--she has a great sense of humor, to her credit. She is working hard at what she wants to become. Amazing Beckett has his own set of behaviors he needs to come to terms with, as in real life we all have work to do!
I like that about Shannon's characters, they are like us with all our insecurities and imperfections--we work on them just as Shannon's characters do. Could one be written about me?? or you?? or any normal person?? Makes on wonder.
This 2nd book in the trilogy introduces some new players, Graham whom I had pegged for the villain from page one--now I am not so sure! The more I know about Asher the less I like him. I do love Kai the new bodyguard. What I really want to know is who are the bad guys???? Summer is almost over Shannon so chain yourself to your writing desk and give us book 3, I need it! And by the way you are awesome Shannon!!


NancyM said...

Yay! I love the cover and can hardly wait to read it!

Shannon said...

Thanks Nancy! :)

Ashlea said...

I'm so excited, I have absolutley loved all 3 of these series. They make me laugh and smile:) I've needed this in my sad divorced and single life!!!

erinzachjj said...

I am so glad you went with Tai, Asher has so much growing up to do! I cant believe I have to wait one more week. I have been going crazy checking your blog everyday waiting fir Cleo's story. But I can probably wait one more week. It doesn't mean I will not be going crazy waiting!

Shannon said...

Hey Ashlea! Girl, I know what you mean - I've been there. I've been divorced now for almost 3 years and reading kept me sane. So glad my books have helped you :)

Shannon said...

Hi Erin!
You crack me up :) So sorry everyone had to wait for this one but hopefully it will be worth it. And you're right - Asher will have his day in the sun, but not yet. I'm positive my next trilogy will feature him though.

Kath said...

I saw in your comments you plan on giving Asher a story! I'm very curious how you'll turn him around and who he'll end up with! :)

Shannon said...

It's going to be a challenge Kath :) But I'm already thinking about it!