Friday, December 13, 2013

Allison's Christmas Carol is HERE!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

   It was so fun (intense) writing Allison and Will's Christmas story. When I decided to write a couple Christmas Novellas I knew immediately who I wanted to write about.  Sophie from Makeover and Allison from The Broken Road.  Sophie was a given.  Who doesn’t love Sophie?  But I had a lot of mixed reactions to The Broken Road.  The main reason being that Will was not the typical leading man.  Will was flawed.  He was far from perfect and he reminded people of your average every day guy who struggled with pride and forgiveness. But I have to admit, he’s one of my favorites.  
   Will came from a very poor background and struggled for everything he had.  That can really affect a person’s personality and motivations in life.  So I wanted to continue the journey with Will and let him continue the process of becoming a better man. Combining Will's issues with my favorite Christmas story of all time was a fun way to tell their story.  I think it would be fascinating if we all had that chance to peek into the past, present and future.  I'm sure our lives would be very different if we could.

   Here's a little synopsis:  Allison Carson put a lot of faith in Will when she decided to marry him, but a few years later she's more miserable than she's ever been. Will has decided to focus his life on business, money and power, leaving Allison alone and feeling abandoned. With their baby due soon, Allison sends a desperate prayer up to heaven. Please help Will to remember what is important. Allison is granted her request and Will is sent a very special visitor to show him aspects of his life that he was blind to. After Will sees what his future holds, he's desperate for a second chance. But sometimes second chances aren't enough.

   You can purchase a copy through Amazon here.

Enjoy my second and last novella for the year and have a wonderful Christmas!
   - Shannon

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